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High Precision Tool Engineering

High Precision Tool Engineering

Team of Tooling Professionals having National and International Experience in Tooling. Specialize in High Precision Tool Engineering like  High Precision Press Tools, High Precision Injection Molds, High Precision die casting dies, Checking Gauges, Tooling Consultancy, Prototyping.

Develop Tooling’s for Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Electrical and Electronics Industry

Focus on First time right method adopting Design for Manufacturing, Flow Analysis, Tool Design Feasibility studies, Tool path verification, on job inspection at every stage and Concurrent manufacturing technologies are used to achieve Good Quality, Cost Effective and Schedule adherence to the Tooling projects.

Provide Complete Total Effective solutions, from Concept design, Product design feasibility, Pro to Typing, Tool feasibility, Design for manufacturing, Flow analysis, Tool design, Process failure mode analysis, Tool manufacturing, checking gauges, Initial Production run, Process set up, Tool Maintenance support.

Flow Analysis

Flow Analysis

Every Part is checked for Flow Analysis, feedback is given to Product Designer for optimum output for product design changes, Input from Flow analysis are used  for Tooling Design for cooling lay out, uniform part temperature distribution, Cycle time reduction, Dimensional control, War page, Sink mark, cold flow controls.

Concurrent Engineering

Many of the activities are done in parallel manner, with continuous check and inspect  feedback system, and corrections are made according to the input received, this is only possible with help verification tools, Deep knowledge of the Design, Development and process, and great synergy of the departments, which help to reduce tooling lead times without compromising  quality of the tool.

Tool Room Network

This is very important concept of networking the tool rooms, using the capacities to deliver the project in scheduled time line, to achieve this synergy, longtime relationship and training is required to achieve the results, many of the tools and Parts are manufactured at same time so that sequence of the parts and tools are not done, Each part in Process inspection, outgoing inspection and Receiving inspection is done to ensure the part quality and process completion.