Tool Engineering

State of the Art Facility, Digital Factory, start to end Digital data driven Technology helping optimizing the process, verifying the process for errors and stage wise process inspection giving feed back to ensuring achieving the results to the input model.

Facility is equipped with Latest high end software’s for product Designs, software support for analysis of the product designs from external reputed sources, in house team for analysis and feed back to product design.

Latest Cad software to Tooling design, parametric modelling to reduce design lead time, Experienced team for Design Analysis for manufacturing, use of globally sourced suppliers stand parts for interchangeability

Net work of Tool room equipped with state of the art machineries from renowned brands, Vertical machining centers from Makino, Mazak, Okuma, EDM from sodick Makino, Wire cut from Sodick, Mitsubishi, Die spotting, Gun drilling, CMM from Carlzesis.

Manufacturing is based on Four Major Support Systems

  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Program Management
  • Net Work of Tool Rooms

Design for Manufacturing

Tool Engineering

Design for verification we use soft ware help and the senior team of professionals to analyze and feed back to the system for proper, functioning, Quality Cost and Delivery.

Concurrent Engineering

Tool Engineering

Concurrent engineering is used  to the work simultaneously giving feed back to every stage , with help of software’s for proper flow of out put and work is done in total synergy and team work, eliminating waste elements, This is used mainly to reduce and meet the time line of customer projects.

Program Management

Tool Engineering

Program management, plays very crucial role in expediting the projects ahead of the timelines ensuring proper quality standards are met, Program management has Micro and Macro Management. Micro very deeply drilled down, in to parts and process operations managing and corrective action application to meet the schedule, macro is analyzed as bigger picture reviewed weekly to understand probability of meeting target to visualize the set middle target achievements and take corrective actions accordingly.

Tool Rooms Net Work

Tool Engineering

Tool rooms net work, Plays major role in achieving the schedule time lines, each part of the tool is manufactured simultaneously with stage wise inspection and final inspection of the part, Thus leading to manufacture large amount of tools with in the short lead time. We can take any no of projects and complete in time.