Tool Engineering

Experienced Team of Tool Engineering Professionals, We are committed to give optimized and Total Effective Complete Solutions, Delivers Quality Cost and Schedule adherence. We are equipped with latest CAD CAM and Analysis software’s, Net work of Tool rooms equipped with state of the art machinery to deliver the right out put, Concurrent engineering and program management to reduce, monitor  and the project time lines, Team is focused on first right.

Product Design

Tool Engineering

Focus on Ease of Manufacturing, Process feasibility, tooling feasibility, Cost effectiveness, Fit for assembly. We use latest CAD and Analysis Software’s to support and derive accurate results.

Pro To Development

Tool Engineering

Part development of machining of Plastic, Aluminum and Steel Soft Tool Development for pilot lot production parts. We use network of Tool rooms to support and delivery the jobs with final inspection reports for reduction in cost and lead times.

Tool Manufacturing

Tool Engineering

Specialized in High Precision Complicated Tooling development for Thermo and Thermoset Plastics, Rubber, Stamping and Die casting. We work on Concurrent engineering to reduce the lead time, Program management to control the project, Network of Tool rooms for support for Tool manufacturing. Analysis and verification software’s to eliminate Design and Manufacturing errors, Thus giving quality output of First time right with quality and cost effectiveness. Experienced Team for Tool try out, Process set up and Initial flow control to lead the production department for ease of Production.

Plastic tooling , Cold runner molds two and tree plate molds, Hot runner and Hot runner sequential gate controller molds, stack molds, Insert molding, 2 Color molding. Metal injection molding, scientific molding,

Stamping dies , Single station, Compound, Progressive, Transfer Blanking, Piercing Deep draw, Bending, Fine blanking, Dies for Advanced high speed steels, High speed low alloy steels and Ultra High speed steels dies

Pressure die casting dies : High Pressure Die casting dies with vacuum and Semi Solid squeeze Technology. Con formal cooling Technology, and Jet cooling Technology.

Tool Maintenance

Tool Engineering

Skilled team of Professionals able to handle regular maintenance, Accidental maintenance supports and Preventive maintenance. We take annual maintenance contracts, spare parts procurement and stocking, we also take up training staff for Tool maintenance activities


Tool Engineering

Highly qualified and Experience professionals, bring their vast experience in delivering projects in time, consultancy in product Design, tooling design and Development. Lean manufacturing, process set and optimization, yield improvements. Production line set up, assembly line set ups, machining line set up and process improvements.